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Tour Materials Recovery Facilities

Materials Recovery Facilities or MRFs (pronounced “murf”) List

Click here for list of MRFs in Oklahoma that will give tours to students and other public groups. MRFs are plants that receive, sort, and bale recyclables for transport to end-users.


Recycle Bin Loan Program

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful

Click here for KOB’s Recycle Bin Loan Program informationKOB has 40 recycle bins (with lids) available for you to check out & use at your next event.

The M.e.t.

Click here for the M.e.t.’s Recycle Bin Loan Program information.If you are interested in applying for a bin loan or event recycling, call 918-584-0584 or email The least two weeks prior to the event.


Online Oklahoma Recycle Directory

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful

Click here for KOB’s Recycle DirectorySelect “View larger version” at the bottom of the table and scroll sideways to see commodities that are accepted by each recycler in the state of Oklahoma.
Thank you KOB!!