OKRA Recycling Award for Schools

These Schools have been recognized by OKRA for their exceptional recycling efforts:

Glenwood Elementary School, Enid (June 2018)
The Glenwood Grizzlies partner with PepsiCo Recycling and Keepin’ Enid Green, which provides free pickup of recyclables. Students collect the materials and bring them to the curb. School recycling was started by 2nd grade teacher, Hollee Terry, to change the way that children view “trash.”

Durant Intermediate School, Durant (Dec 2017)
The school’s Green Team partnered with Choctaw Recycling to create a comprehensive program that includes paper, cardboard, plastic containers (#1,#2,#5), plastic film (#2,#4), aluminum cans and even Styrofoam. Students take turns collecting cafeteria food scraps for composting. Students also conduct waste stream analyses to figure out how to make improvements.

Perkins 4-H, Perkins (May 2016)
Perkins 4-H students collected over 1,000 pounds of aluminum cans in the 2014-2015 school year and donated the money to the Perkins-Tryon primary school. As a result of their efforts, they won the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) award for Oklahoma of $1,000 and national recognition.

Comanche Middle School, Comanche (May 2016)
The 8th grade entered two teams in the Future Cities contest. The theme was Solid Materials Management. Both teams participated in the state Future Cities competition, and one of the teams won a $250 prize at the state level. Students on both teams learned a lot about recycling and what happens when things go to landfills.

Highland Park Elementary School, Stillwater (August 2014)
Recognized for LEED certification, the new school building includes many conservation features such as rain water storage tanks, natural lighting and automatic dimming lights. The school cafeteria opted for good old-fashioned reusable trays and silverware, doing away with plastic utensils and Styrofoam trays. Highland Park also has a great recycling program and garden club, which allow students to learn how to recycle and reuse products, plant gardens and compost material.    

Morrison High School (October 2013)
Recognized collecting enough aluminum cans per student to win the $1,000 prize from the Can Manufacturer’s Institute for the State of Oklahoma.  The campaign was lead by the sophomore class, which involved the whole community in the collection of cans.

Stillwater Head Start (April 2013)
Recognized for recycling the items they use in their daily duties. These items include paper, cardboard boxes, metal cans and milk jugs. The recyclable items are placed in a single-stream recycling poly cart serviced weekly by the City of Stillwater.

Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Tuttle (October 2012)
Recognized for their annual Earth Day celebration and campus recycling program.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Alva (June 2012)
Recognized for the efforts of CORE (Conserving Our Ranger Environment), a student organization that promotes recycling and other green initiatives at NWOSU.

Stillwater Early Head Start, Stillwater (March 2012)
Recognized for making recycling a priority in their center and for their efforts to educate children and staff of the importance of recycling.

Park Elementary School, Tulsa (January 2012)
Recognized for their recycling education and efforts through their Micro Society recycling business “Green Team Recycling.” 

Skyline Elementary School, Stillwater (December 2011)
Recognized for its rain garden, recycling efforts, and accomplishment of being designated as an Oklahoma Green School.

Bethel High School, Shawnee (August 2011)
Recognized for being national winner of the 2010 Paper Retriever Earth Day Challenge and whose science fair is “going green” by collecting empty laser and inkjet cartridges as well as used cell phones through the Funding Factory program.

Edmond North High School, Edmond (February 2011)
Recognized for the school’s Sun Club (Students United for Nature) for their student-led school recycling program.


If your school is interested in becoming an OKRA “Featured School,” please submit your recycling story to gro.k1552082226oelcy1552082226cer@o1552082226fni1552082226. If selected for one of our newsletter issues (three annually), your school will receive $100 to benefit the recycling program. We hope these featured schools will help give other schools ideas on how to start and/or maintain a recycling program.