Oklahoma Celebrates America Recycles Day

The Oklahoma Recycling Association (OKRA) and our affiliates request your help in promoting increased recycling in Oklahoma. If protecting the environment and conserving natural resources are important to you, you’ll be glad to hear that recycling is making great progress. With more than 20-thousand programs available throughout the country, over 90% of Americans have access to recycling. In Oklahoma, over 50% of our citizens have recycling programs available.

Every year, communities, organizations, schools and businesses hold America Recycles Day (ARD) events to celebrate recycling and to keep it in the public eye. ARD celebrates clean air and water, a reliable supply of energy, and a healthy future for our children. However, a lot of valuable materials are still being wasted. So America Recycles Day also means rededicating ourselves to recycling. The annual ARD date is November 15th, but a lot of events are held much earlier!

In 2009, Oklahoma High School Students had a chance to participate in the first state-wide competition hosted by OKRA to produce the best Public Service Announcement (PSA) about recycling. Cash prizes were presented by OG&E to the top contenders from Stillwater, Perkins and Ada high schools. Click here to see the winning 2009 PSA.

Information about recent OKRA PSA contests is available here.


The national America Recycles Day (ARD) website has information and resources available. Click here for the ARD home page.

Click here for ARD toolkits, templates and downloads.

The America Recycles Day Store offers ARD merchandise such as T-shirts, pins, stickers, posters, sports bottles, and more.

Keep America Beautiful presents a Recycle Bowl Competition. Register by October each year! Competition is held mid-October to mid-November.