Member Benefits

There are several levels of membership, each with a corresponding annual dues.
•All members receive an e-newsletter, listserv subscription, newsletter recognition and discounts at OKRA events.
•Additional benefits apply to non-profit and corporate members.
•Membership dues cover the calendar year and are due in January & February.
•For benefit details, see the member level benefits chart and the OKRA membership brochure.

To join OKRA please…
•Complete the membership form
•Send it with your check to the address shown at the end of the form after you hit the “submit” button.
•Alternatively, you may select to pay electronically via PayPal by using the same membership form.
•You may also pay with a credit or debit card via the PayPal interface.

Member Levels

  • Student/Senior 65+ Member ($1)
  • K-12 Recycling Coordinator ($5)
  • Individual Member ($25)
  • Non-Profit/Government ($75)
  • Corporate ($100-1,000)
    • Basic – $100: 1 membership
      Additional Memberships – $25 each
    • Bronze – $250: 2 memberships
      Additional Memberships – $25 each
    • Silver – $500: 3 memberships
      Additional Memberships – $15 each
    • Gold – $750: 4 memberships
      Additional Memberships – $15 each
    • Platinum – $1,000: 5 memberships
      Additional Memberships – $10 each

Why We Need You!

•OKRA is the organized voice for Oklahoma recyclers.
•We want to represent your voice to political leaders.
•We are a center point for networking and resource sharing.
•We help the National Recycling Coalition hear from Oklahomans and make national policy that will benefit Oklahoma recyclers.

You Can Help Carry – OKRA!

OKRA members donate their time, money, and /or resources to help maintain environmental programs and statewide resources. They also make a difference by expressing their views and concerns about recycling issues to local and national policy makers.

Contact Us

You may contact us at gro.k1558351527oelcy1558351527cer@o1558351527fni1558351527.
Our mailing address is OKRA, P. O. Box 521154, Tulsa, OK 74152-1154