Membership Level & Benefits

You Can Help OKRA

OKRA members donate their time, money, and /or resources to help maintain environmental programs and statewide resources. They also make a difference by expressing their views and concerns about recycling issues to local and national policy makers.

Why We Need You

  • OKRA is the organized voice for Oklahoma recyclers.
  • We want to represent your voice to political leaders.
  • We are a center point for networking and resource sharing.
  • We help the National Recycling Coalition hear from Oklahomans and make national policy that will benefit Oklahoma recyclers.

Benefits of Membership

All members receive a electronic newsletter subscription, newsletter recognition and discounts at OKRA events. Additional benefits apply to non-profit and corporate members. Membership dues cover the calendar year and are due in January & February. For benefit details, see the member level benefits chart.

How to Join

  • Complete the membership form.
  • Send it with your check to the address shown at the end of the form after you hit the "submit" button, or pay with a credit or debit card via PayPal by using the same membership form.

Membership Levels

There are several levels of OKRA membership, each with corresponding annual dues.

  • Student Member ($5)
  • Senior 65+ Member ($10)
  • Individual Member ($25)
  • Non-Profit ($75)
  • Government ($75)
  • Higher Education ($75)
  • Corporate ($100-1,000)
    • Basic - $100: 1 membership
      Additional Memberships - $25 each
    • Bronze - $250: 2 memberships
      Additional Memberships - $25 each
    • Silver - $500: 3 memberships
      Additional Memberships - $15 each
    • Gold - $750: 4 memberships
      Additional Memberships - $15 each
    • Platinum - $1,000: 5 memberships
      Additional Memberships - $10 each