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Work Groups

  • Advocacy Work Group (Chair position is open):
    The Advocacy Work Group aims to make OKRA better known among Oklahoma legislators. We would like OKRA to be the “go to” organization for recycling and resource recovery issues in our state.
  • Education Work Group (Chair position is open):
    The Education Work Group recognizes schools that have successful recycling programs, with the OKRA “Recycling Award for Schools.” In the past, it has also organized a recycle video contest for high school students in honor of America Recycles Day.
  • Communications (Chair position is open):
    This committee updates OKRA website content, manages and posts updates to the listserv, maintains engagement via social media (Facebook), and publishes the OKRA Newsletter.

Standing Committees

  • Conference Planning Committee (Ilda Hershey, Chair):
    This committee handles the program, logistics and fundraising for the annual Oklahoma Recycling Association.
  • Executive Committee (Sara Ivey, Chair):
    This committee is responsible for identifying policy and proposing change to the board of directors. The Bylaws Task Force falls under this committee.
  • Membership Committee (Ellen Bussert, Staff Chair):
    This committee facilitates membership renewals, solicits new members, arranges OKRA exhibit opportunities, updates the membership structure and brochure, and recognizes OKRA members.
  • Nominations/Recruitment Committee (Maureen Turner, Chair):
    This committee solicits leadership position nominations and prepares slates for board votes.

Champion Causes

  • Composting (Annie Smith, Champion):
    Annie promotes composting as a resource recovery strategy and relays updates from the U.S. Composting Council, Biocycle and other compost organizations.
  • Materials Exchange (Ilda Hershey, Champion):
    Ilda promotes the online RENEW Materials Exchange, a free matching service for businesses and industries that want to find takers for the by-products they generate or acquire the by-products of other businesses.
  • Product Stewardship (Garmon Smith, Champion):
    Garmons collaborates with the national Product Stewardship Institute to solve waste management problems by encouraging product design changes that lead to sustainable end-of-life management.