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OKRA, P. O. Box 521154, Tulsa, OK 74152-1154


Administrative Assistant to the Board
Ellen Bussert, Bixby, Oklahoma (Membership Committee Chair)


Tracy Horst, Choctaw Nation (Nominations Committee Chair)

Chris Feeney, KEG Curbside Recycling (Education Work Group Chair)

Sara Ivey, Oklahoma Dept of Environmental Quality

Robert Pickens, American Waste Control

Past President
Traci Phillips, Natural Evolution Electronics Recycling

Executive Committee Board Member
Ilda Hershey, OSU Sustainability Coordinator (Conference Planning Chair & Materials Exchange Champion)

Executive Committee Board Member
Anne Napier, Oklahoma County Cooperative Extension Service (Compost Champion)

Executive Committee Board Member
Michael Patton, Land Legacy


Kara Berst, Chickasaw Nation
Trudi Logan, Tinker Air Force Base (Newsletter Editor)
Jeanette Nance, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful
Garmon Smith, Ada Recycling Coalition (Product Stewardship Work Group Chair)
Maureen Turner, City of Tulsa
Larry Wright, Western Oklahoma

ADVISORY COUNCIL (area of recycling interest or expertise)

Melissa Adler-McKibben, Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality (electronics)
Christine Allison, Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance (business recycling)
Diana Askins, Tulsa Master Recyclers (volunteer training & management)
John Austin, Goodwill Industries (donations, Styrofoam & electronics recycling)
Trent Brewer, Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits (nonprofit orgs.)
Alex Burks, American Textile Recycling Services (textiles)
Wesley Dedmon, City of Edmond Recycling (curbside)
Susie Shields Derichsweiler, Oklahoma Green Schools Program (K-12 education)
Joey Dunlap, Republic Services (collection services)
Brian Figgins, Mustang Recycling (volunteer drop-off sites)
David Griesel, OEMA – Oklahoma Environmental Management Authority (landfill diversion recycling)
Eric Hemphill, UCO Sustainability (university programs)
Mike Hixon, OG&E (K-12 education)
Bryce Hulsey, Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality (OK recycling vendors / markets)
Marc Jensen, OCU Student (lean manufacturing)
Chris Knight, City of Stillwater (convenience collection centers)
Julie Maher, Ardmore Beautification Council (beautification)
Melody Martin, OG&E (business recycling)
Daniel McCune, Energy Up (Advocacy Work Group Chair)
Kathy Moore, Oklahoma Composting Council (composting)
MeLinda Mulcare, S&S Metals & Oklahoma Recyclers Association (appliance recycling)
Trudy Nevland, City of Ada Recycling (recycling drop-off center/promotion & education)
Patty Overman, Service Recycling
Mike Reyes, Altus Air Force Base Pollution Prevention (community recycling education)
Fenton Rood, Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality (solid waste/recycling)
Kristi Shreve, City of Tulsa (pollution prevention)
Bruce Stone, City of the Village – City Manager (pay-as-you-throw/curbside recycling)
Amanda Marcott Thottunkal, Oklahoma Dept of Commerce (business recycling)
Lyntha Wesner, Norman (CORE) Citizens Organized to Recycle our Environment (citizen-driven curbside)
Dianne Wilkins, Oklahoma Dept. of Env. Quality, Pollution Prevention Manager (business/industry)

Open Volunteer Positions:  See our Get Involved webpage.

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  • December 6, 2006 Board Meeting
  • September 26, 2006 Board Meeting
  • June 6, 2006 Board Meeting
  • Needs assessment (by workgroup developed at brainstorming meeting 11/30/05 before board was formed)