May 7, 2007 Board Meeting

Oklahoma Recycling Association BOARD MEETING Minutes
The M.E.T., Tulsa, OK 10:00 a.m.

Present: Traci Phillips, Sarah Kimball, Ande Reed, Michael Patton, Kathy Moore, Susie Shields and Ellen Bussert

  1. Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by OKRA President Traci Phillips.
  2. Approval of Minutes
    The minutes from the 2-26-07 Board Meeting were distributed for review. A typo was under Old Business. IRA should be changed to IRS (Internal Revenue Service.) With that correction, Patton made a motion to approve with a second by Kimball. The Board approved the minutes from the 2-26-07 meeting.Phillips asked that the minutes be posted on the website after each meeting and notification sent out to all of the members that they were available for review. It was decided that on the “About us” page after the listing of the officers, a link would be added for Board meeting minutes and dates. Shields will follow through on getting a new page created. She will either do it herself, or get the web master to do it. It was pointed out that Shields sent out instructions to the Board in March 07 regarding how to put things on the website. She said that she would send the Board the instructions again.
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Membership Committee – Werick
      The membership form is now available on the web site. Membership year is from April 1st to March 31st. It is time for everyone to renew their membership, if they have not already done so. Bussert was asked to send out a message to the list serve reminding people to turn in their membership and invited their friends to join and get involved. A discussion was held on setting up “pay pal” on the website and it was agreed upon that it should be done. Procedure for membership forms it that they will first go to the treasurer to be recorded and the money deposited. The treasurer will send a fax to the membership chairman to be added to the master list. The membership chairman will send updates to the secretary for distribution purposes.
    2. Financial – Patton
      We have approximately $8.00 in the OKRA account. We need more money to operate. A discussion was held about possible corporate and non-profit sponsorships. Shields is supposed to ask the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality to become a member, after we get our 501 ( C ) 3 status. Bussert is supposed to ask Garmon Smith to check with the Ada Recycling Coalition to see if they will join. Patton said that he has the ability to immediately send out an
      invoice if anyone needs one. Kimball said that we need a certificate to present to businesses that join. ??????? will produce them. Bussert and Patton will draft a solicitation letter. It was decided that OKRA needs to develop a plan for following up the letter with phone calls and actively pursue membership. Bussert will check with Werick for the
      explanation of what a business will get for its membership value. Moore volunteered to follow up with phone calls. Initially, OKRA will send letters to the America Recycles Day sponsor list, SWANA and 17 Oklahoma end user manufacturers. It was suggested that maybe David Weisner could be the champion for fundraising after he joins.
  4. Reports from workgroups
    1. Advocacy – Beisly
      Gerald Beisly was not present. Senate Bill 498 was assigned to the Energy and Environment Committee. It was approved by the committee and approved by the full Senate. The bill went to the Environment and Natural Resources Committee of the House. The language was going to be put in Senate Bill 504, to help it continue progress. However, the bill was not heard during the committee process by the deadline. There is still a chance the state recycling goal language could be inserted in another bill during the conference committee process. The Board would like to thank Richard Chapman for all of the time and effort he has spent at the Oklahoma Legislature championing this bill. This is the furthest a state recycling goal has made it through the legislative process.
    2. Education – Kimball
      Kimball reported that one 8th grade student in Sapulpa has started a recycling program. She thanked the M.E.T. for supporting that effort. She said that her pre-K grandson did a unit on composting at his school and she was pleased to give information to the school to supplement what the teacher was using. Kimball was pleased to announce that she has hired Hannah Gregory to be her new graduate assistant. Gregory’s task this summer is to organize and build 3 resource trunks and to do research on buying a display board. Reed said that Custom Exhibits in Broken Arrow makes great displays and recommended they look there. Kimball plans for her graduate assistant to surf the Internet and produce a list of free information, sorted by age group and organization type.
    3. Materials Exchange – Hershey
      Ilda Hershey was not able to attend, so she sent a written report. The report is at the end of these minutes. Since she is going to be gone for the next year, she is no longer able to be chairman of this committee. It was suggested that OKRA ask Bob Rabatine to take over the task. Bussert will ask Land Protection Division Director Scott Thompson about who will be assigned to take over the project from his division.The Board formally thanked Hershey for her hard work and progress on this project.
    4. Communications/Outreach – Reed
      1. On-line Newsletter – Shields reported that the on-line newsletter did not go out in March as planned because she only received one of the promised articles. Kudos to Ilda Hershey for submitting her article. Shields said that she was willing to do a newsletter, but only under the condition that other members submitted articles and information for her to use. She said that she does not have the time to do all of the research and writing. Phillips asked how frequently OKRA put out issues. Shields said that the initial plan was quarterly, but again would depend on member input. Phillips asked if the newsletter could be e-mailed to membership after each board meeting. Bussert volunteered to ask the Ada Recycling Coalition for a short article about their activities. Moore volunteered to write a summary about the water conference as it pertains to waste issues. The deadline for submission is May 14th.
      2. Website Development – Shields told the Board that she wants to raise money for additional website development. She would like to raise $1,000 to hire RedEarth Designs to do more work. She intends to get to the point where she can learn to do more of the web site stuff and make changes herself. Kimball made a motion that the Board give approval for Shields to raise the funds for web site development. Reed seconded the motion. The Board approved the motion as presented.
      3. Display – Kimball said that she really covered this in her education report. She looks forward to having such and organized assistant working on this project.
      4. America Recycles Day – Shields reported that she was still putting together a planning guide for the event. This year, she is enhancing the Youth Component portion of ARD. A Youth Component meeting is scheduled for June 6, 2007 at the DEQ in OKC. Invitations have been sent out to several youth. Shield encouraged Board members to extend the invitation to any youth interested.
        Shields said that one of the weakest areas last year was with the media, and media follow up. Kimball said that Ag Communications could be used for media releases. The Board is looking for someone from the general membership to volunteer to follow up with phone calls. If you are interested, or know some one who is interested, please contact Susie Shields.
        Other things to be done include ARD banners being made. Shields talked about out sourcing pledge cards and having ARD business cars available for use. Also, a survey will be sent out on the OKRA list serve asking what OKRA can do for networking and education to help support this event in their community. Hopefully, the survey will go out by the end of May.
        Patton reported that states asked the National Recycling Coalition to change the one national prize to send the money to states for their own state prizes. Patton also said that he would like the Governor to proclaim America Recycles Day this year.
  5. Old Business
    1. Discuss 501 ( C ) (3) status – Patton said that OKRA’s application is still pending. From what he had been told, this is normal. He is finalizing a $5,000 budget for the next two years to submit to the IRS.
    2. NRC – rebranding update – Patton said that the rebranding debut had been stalled. He will keep us updated.
    3. Status of Phone number and voice mail – Reed said that she would try to research that information and report at the next Board meeting.
    4. Bylaws review – Bussert reported that the Committee had not met. She will get with Smith and Reed and start working on that before the next Board meeting.
    5. SWANA/USDA Symposium – Kimball reported that it was tough to get people to stay until the end. OKRA was able to pass out membership brochures at the meeting. Phillips was able to give a short speech about OKRA at the end of the conference. A discussion was held about potentially having a silent auction for OKRA at the next SWANA conference. Phillips asked Kimball to inquire about the possibilities of OKRA co-sponsoring the conference next year.
    6. M.E.T. EE Expo – Bussert reported that she also had OKRA information at the DEQ booth that she worked at the April 19th EE Expo. She said that in addition to the OKRA brochures, she had a list for people to sign up to get ARD information for 2007. She said that it was a very positive thing to be able to visit with so many people about OKRA.
    7. Discussion on Improving workgroup process – was tabled until the next Board meeting
    8. 2007 OKRA Goals – Bussert never sent out a chart with goals to Board Members, but did send a list. The Board quickly reviewed who had volunteered to shepherd each goal. A chart will be distributed before the next meeting. Board members are expected to report on status of their goal.
  6. New Business
    1. Upcoming Compost Awareness Week – Moore passed out this year’s posters for Compost Awareness Week and copies of Bio-Cycle. She talked about the event and encouraged everyone to participate.
    2. Contact with Drumco – Bussert reported that she returned a call to an inquiry made by an Arkansas Company named Drumco. The owner asked about OKRA and if it was appropriate, he wanted to join. Drumco recycles steel and plastic drums in Oklahoma and Arkansas. It was agreed that he will be invited to the next meeting and asked to talk about his recycling company.
  7. Next Meeting
    The next meeting will be held on July 20th at 11:00 a.m. at the M.E.T. in Tulsa.A motion to adjourn was made by Reed and seconded by Kimball. The Board voted approval and adjourned.