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OKRA, P. O. Box 521154, Tulsa, OK 74152-1154


Administrative Assistant to the Board
Bixby, Oklahoma


Tracy Horst, Choctaw Nation

, KEG Curbside Recycling

Sara Ivey, Oklahoma Dept of Environmental Quality

, American Waste Control

Past President
, Natural Evolution Electronics Recycling

Executive Committee Board Member
OSU Sustainability Coordinator

Executive Committee Board Member
, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Executive Committee Board Member
Anne Napier, Oklahoma County Cooperative Extension Service

Executive Committee Board Member
, Land Legacy


, Chickasaw Nation
, Tinker Air Force Base (Newsletter Editor)
Kathy Moore, Oklahoma Composting Council (Composting Chair)
Keep Oklahoma Beautiful (community improvement)
, Ada Recycling Coalition (community programs)
, City of Tulsa (city programs)
, Western Oklahoma (rural recycling)

ADVISORY COUNCIL (area of recycling interest or expertise)

, Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality (electronics)
Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance (business recycling)
Tulsa Master Recyclers (volunteer training & management)
, Ardagh Group (glass / recycling advocacy)
, American Textile Recycling Services (textiles)
T.B.D. Goodwill Industries (donations & electronics recycling)
, City of Edmond Recycling (curbside)
 Oklahoma Green Schools Program (K-12 education)
, Republic Services (collection services)
, Mustang Recycling (volunteer drop-off sites)
, OEMA – Oklahoma Environmental Management Authority (landfill diversion recycling)
, UCO Sustainability (university programs)
, OG&E (K-12 education)
, Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality (OK recycling vendors / markets)
 OCU Student (lean manufacturing)
City of Stillwater (convenience collection centers)
 Ardmore Beautification Council (beautification)
, OSU Plant & Soil Sciences Extension (composting)
 OG&E (business recycling)
Daniel McCune, Energy Up (Advocacy Chair)
, S&S Metals & Oklahoma Recyclers Association (appliance recycling)
, City of Ada Recycling (recycling drop-off center/promotion & education)
, Service Recycling
Altus Air Force Base Pollution Prevention (community recycling education)
, Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality (solid waste/recycling)
, City of Tulsa (pollution prevention)
, City of the Village – City Manager (pay-as-you-throw/curbside recycling)
, Oklahoma Dept of Commerce (business recycling)
, Norman (CORE) Citizens Organized to Recycle our Environment (citizen-driven curbside)
Oklahoma Dept. of Env. Quality, Pollution Prevention Manager (business/industry)

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  • February 10, 2017
  • December 6, 2006 Board Meeting
  • September 26, 2006 Board Meeting
  • June 6, 2006 Board Meeting
  • Needs assessment (by workgroup developed at brainstorming meeting 11/30/05 before board was formed)